Phytogen After Brazilian Keratin

The After Brazilian Keratin line was created to hydrate, balance oiliness and enhance the Brazilian Keratin effect. With moisturizing substances and natural agents, the ABK line has a high rebuilding power of anti-frizz effect and anti-humidity that extend the liss effect, reducing oiliness, balancing hair and scalp pH.

Results: softness, detangling, flexibility, hair resistance and shine. Ideal for Brazilian Keratin maintenance.



After Brazilian Keratin (ABK) Shampoo

No salt, sea weed base. Cleans, protects and extends the liss effect of Brazilian Keratin. It reduces scalp oiliness bringing back pH balance, shine and flexibility of fiber, making an effective cosmetic treatment. *No Sodium Chloride.



After Brazilian Keratin (ABK) Conditioner

Is the ideal cosmetic treatment for Brazilian Keratin hair. The gradative release of moisturizing agents and emollients gives hair the perfect balance, bringing back softness with extra shine, extending the liss effect.

Moisturizing Mask


After Brazilian Keratin (ABK) Mask

Is the ideal moisturizing bath for Brazilian Keratin hair. With Hidrovance base, that deeply cares Brazilian Keratin hair, balances oiliness and restores hair natural pH bringing back water balance, flexibility, strength and shine, extending the liss effect, with no greasiness.