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Tonalizes and enhances hair, beard and mustache natural colors.
Keraton MEN tonalizing with Ormagel XPU is a semi permanente coloring developed with na exclusive blend of sea weed. Rich in moisturizing biopolimers that help in hair treatment, acting as a color protective film.Keraton Men softly tonalizes White hair enhancing hair color, with grey highlights, avoiding yellow or red hair.

No ammonia. It does not damage hair.

Shampoo 2 in 1

Keraton Men Shampoo Balance

Shampoo Balance Keraton Men – 2 in 1

Its formula is enriched with na exclusive blend of sea weed, aminoacids and vegetable complexes. It helps hair treatment, revitalizing them from the root and building up its structure. It cleans and hydrates hair fiber, reducing breakage, restoring softness and natural flexibility.
Daily use, for all types of hair.

Shampoo anti-oiliness

Keraton Men Fix 8 Fixador - com filtro UV

Shampoo Control Keraton Men – anti-oiliness

With an exclusive formula with Bio Control + Pro Vitamin B5 (Panthenol). It cleanses scalp and hair, controls oiliness and leaves hair soft and shiny.
Daily use, for all types of hair.


Keraton Men Gel Fixador

Keraton Men Fix 8 Fixer– with UV filter

Fixes and models hair according to your style. It can be used for texture with wet or dry hair. With aminoacids and vegetable complexes, light texture , non oily, leaves hair soft with no residues.

Fixer Modelling

Keraton Men Gel Modelador

Keraton Men Fix 8 Fixer Modelling – with UV filter

Styles, embodies and models wet or dry hair, ofering a wet look, shine and fixation all day long. With vegetable complexes, soft texture, non-oily, leaves hair soft and with no residues.

See available colors

  • Castanho claroBrown
  • Castanho escuroDark Brown
  • Castanho medioMedium Brown
  • Cinza naturalNatural Grey
  • Louro escuroDark Blonde


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